About us



For founder Nasar Farid this was less of an imagination and more of a dark reality. First diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017, sleeping 18 hours a day and barely existing in what he aptly defines as a ‘trance state’,

Nasar knows exactly what it feels like to be held hostage by your own poor health – and how to break free.

Fast forward to the present and Nasar is in the shape of his life: now his mission is to share the secrets to get you in yours. Many sufferers of poor health, fatigue, weakness and bouts of sickness are treated by their GP from the outside in; medication. This masks the problem but does not solve it. Optimized Body & Mind deliver a results driven patient centred solution that restores your health from the inside out, rejuvenating and revitalising, helping you to live a optimized life.

It’s simple,
Just give your body what it needs to perform
at its best and watch the difference!”

Nasar FaridLondon, uk

Whats included in your journey

have a comprehensive blood test
based on the results make the right diet, supplements and lifestyle choices
Then watch the difference!
You will be on another level mentally and physically